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I am a consultant

focused on (DIGITAL) MARKETING and EXPORT and with complete training and different job experiences. Transparency, professionalism and skills, humility, listening and analysis inspire my work every day. Thanks to these values, I establish a lasting relationship based on trust and sharing goals with my client-entrepreneurs.



I work as a consultant when the entrepreneur has a specific problem and requires an equally specific and quickly solution.


Temporary Manager

I work as a Temporary Manager when the entrepreneur feels the lack of managerial vision and support in managing some of the typical business activities.



I can trust on partnerships created during years of different job experiences and I can resort to professionals who are able to satisfy specific needs when different technical skills are needed.

What I can do

I suggest solutions and tools that support the entrepreneur towards achieving his own goals.



I propose to implement marketing and its tools - traditional and digital - not only as a business activity, but as an organizational compass that starts from the needs of customers to implement continuous products and process improvement.


Export Management

I support the entrepreneur in the creation of a tailor-made export plan suited to the needs of those who approach for the first time on foreign markets or want to consolidate their presence in a specific market. Customs, payments, transport, contracts: nothing is left to chance or leading by enthusiasm in an occasional meeting at the last exhibition.


Business Organization

I propose a check of the organization chart to appreciate and enhance the skills, roles and responsibilities of the people who are part of the company to obtain greater focus and commitment towards the corporate mission.



I support the entrepreneur in transferring specific techniques, tools and knowledge to people already working in the company or to be hired through a period of on-the-job coaching, with the aim of making the company independent in doing a specific activity.

How I do my job

I do my job with methodical commitment through the process of:

I evaluate the problem to find an effective and efficient solution and define a Check-Up report in which I highlight the strengths and the critical points of the company system as a whole.

Strategic Planning
I define a medium-term strategic proposal that improves the strengths and supports the sustainable development of the company.

Tactical Planning
I propose the tactical activities to be carried out and the deadlines within which to implement them to achieve the strategic objectives defined with the entrepreneur and based on the scenarios that emerged in the previous phases.

Feedback evaluation
I periodically evaluate the results with respect to the objectives and deadlines established together with the entrepreneur and his internal staff for continuous improvement adjustments.

Your Benefits

Even if small or exceedingly small, your company can immediately have experienced professional skills and managerial practices, without the burden of fixed costs that implies the stable hiring of a new resource. In a short time, you can have:

> an external, objective, and transversal vision and, therefore, greater focus on real strengths and weaknesses and a better approach to your market.
> a continuity of the design, programming and control of the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions adopted.
> a single interlocutor towards the outside stakeholder for specific business activities.